Thursday, May 17, 2012

How Cheap is Etsy???

Many sellers on Etsy are so generous they provide free PDF patterns or instructions/tutorials for jewelry, clothing or free clip arts: Fabric flower with beads tutorial
Some tutorials and patterns are $1-2 cheap (
There are also some rather expensive ready items that include shipping,
and items that come free with another purchase: Fresh dried honey powder

The best shipping offers are surely for the USA, and when you see free shipping it is also mostly for the US orders.  As for the others, here are some of the cheapest items on Etsy:

* Sample of a mineral eyeshadow in color of your choice (enough for 4-5 applications!) $1.25 + free shipping   
* Cute Wish or luck bracelet $1.5 + free shipping:
 * Colourful cube bead earrings £0.25+ shipping $2.73 everywhere:

*  Fish necklace $0.2 + shipping $4 everywhere:

* Turquoise necklace $1.99 + shipping $3

Jewelry shops with amazing prices:
1. Cute jewelry from $0,99 with shipping $2-3,95
2.  Prices from $0,99-5, shipping $3 everywhere
This gorgeous necklace is $4.99, for you to understand what stunning items I am talking about, not just a simple cheap stuff you can find anywhere:
3.  Prices: $0,25-75, shipping $2.5
4. Prices: $0,25-10,  shipping $3.19 everywhere
5. One of my faves) Prices: $0,20-42, shipping $3.5 everywhere
6.  Prices: $0,20-0,50, shipping is $5(but the items are cheap)
7. Prices: $0,20-30,  shipping $2,5 everywhere

Want a flower ring or earrings? Check out dangsworld and choose one for $1 with shipping $3

I will monitor the shops to provide you items for a good price!)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May Birthstone - Emerald

emerald jewelry

Emerald bangle
$81 -

K Amato glass jewelry
$48 -

Emerald Rhinestone Moroccan Style Earrings by ArtInspiredGifts
$28 -

Of course, these are not authentic real emeralds, the real ones are sooo expensive... Maybe the dark green color is not that perfect for summer, but it's classic and ageless. Even if your bithday is not in May)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Riding the Ranbow

I adore this gorgeous Rainbow cotton and silk-blend dress fromChristopher Kane, I only need $2,090 to bring it home:)

 At least I can afford some beautiful multicolor jewelry... Clockwise:

1. Rainbow Necklace $30 from Carrie Eastwood

2. Victorian Rainbow Crystal Flower Dangle Earrings $25 from Very Enchanting

3. Rainbow cuff bracelet $37 from Definitely Different 

4. Amazing multicolored bangles $80 from pteradaktell