Monday, November 21, 2011

Beautiful things maker Tina - Coup De Coeur

I found Tina's shop on Etsy and immediately fell in love with what she's doing! Her shop is Coup De Coeur Jewelry:

The jewelry is elegant and unusual and bright and  just awesome!
Some of my favorite items in her shop are:

This beautiful filigree necklace:  

Purple felt ballerina necklace:

Amazing idea, isn't it?

I'm so impressed by Tina's style and creativity, and you should know that the prices are more than pleasant! The items above are from 10 to 16 euros and if you order is more than $15 the shipping is free!!!

Later I found her blog and believe it or not, now I can make some simple but beautiful things myself))
I love her DIY ideas and tips - they are fun! And she's writing in English... So check out her blog for great holiday gifts ideas and just to boost your creativity)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"ΔΟΧΟΣ" / Hotel "DOHOS"

That's the hotel we spent last weekend. Dohos is not so far from the famous Palatamonas town, you need a car to get there. Isolated from urban noise, you're right in the middle of the best Greek traditions: wooden walls, fireplaces, mountain greens and the view of the Aegean Sea, traditional cuisine... I saw pople coming just for a walk and a cup of camomile tea. Dohos is the ideal relaxing place:

 Summer bath))

I know I don't post often. With all the economic war here in Greece I'm confused. But in Dohos they give you so much warmth and support, you just forget about everything bad.
More pictures on their site: