Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New handmade jewelry

I have some newbies to my handmade jewelry collection:

1. This bracelet is from Imprintalish, I love this shop because Lish always adds new items or new colors...The same item is available in turquoise now, in a week it could be in ...Each piece is unique!
I'm going to wear this fun upcyled fabric bracelet with trendy black&white outits...

Her photography prints are awesome! See this card with blueberry print? it is also available in 8x10 size...

2. The beautiful vintage inspired necklace is from Brittany Chavers.    
Antique Brass Bird and Flower Necklace is perfect for spring! You can get one for youself HERE
I also got a ring:
If you're looking for affordable and pretty flower rings, you'll find more than 100 (!!!) in Brittany's shop in incredible shape and colors. 
This one is Off White Chrysanthemum adjustable ring and you can get it for $8 HERE
My pieces are in white, but Brittany Chavers Studio is the shop with the brightest colors! Just check it out)

3. And this lovely Silver Orchid Necklace is from, a great shop for jewelry and handbags... It looks adorable on my neck and I wear it almost every day.