Thursday, January 26, 2012


If you like purple it means you are witty, highly creative, eccentric and temperamental.
Purple is also associated with wealth, royalty and authority. 
If you need to calm down, to enhance your spirituality, to be more creative, then surround yourself with purple, for example, with purple flowers (lilac, lavender).
Also, if you want to create an air of luxury, mystery and magic, wear something purple:)
From left to right:
1. Bracelet, $27 from Creations By Janet USA
2. Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow -Passion Purple $3.95 for 5gr jar, Sweets body treats
3. Purple feather fascinator comb from Etsy
4. Handmade, purple, brown & gold oxford style wedge, $220 from Nor Tin handmade shoes
5. Beaded Chunky Bracelet, $14 from Eienblue designs
6. Diro Forget me not nailpolish
7. Purple Lip Gloss, $4.75 from My Beauty Addiction
8. A Purple Paris print, $25 from Jessica Illustration
9. Purple felt ballerina necklace, $21 from Coup De Coeur Jewelry 

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