Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Winter is still here - Fur

Winter is not going to leave us this yer, so we need to keep warm.
Here are some etsy cute furry little thing:)
To keep your wrists warm:
1. Fur chainlink cuff, only $9 from lostcabin
2. Unique Fur Bracelet with Gemstones $16 from Elegant Swan
3. Rabbit fur and bone bead "Cavegirl Couture" Cuff Bracelet $55 from Penelopes Wrist
4. Fur Bracelet in chocolate $43 from fabaj
5. Fur cuff $35 from Metro Metal
6. Fauxy Lady$36 from nest design sllc
1. Purple Faux Fur Balls Beads Fashion Necklace N11036 $6 from mist and vapor
2. Soirée Brown Mink Fur Necklace 24,50 from sabry
3. Glass, stone and fur balls necklace $120 from Individual Expression
4. Memento Pouch Necklace $ 38 from Mclovebuddy
5. Light gray mink fur necklace  24,50 from sabry
 I'm not sure your ears will be warmer with these earrings, but you'll be definitely special:)
1. Cinema Glamour earrings $49 from avail design
2. Tuscan Sunset earrings $50, avail design
3. Princess Victoria earrings $32, avail design
4. Violet fur earrings $17 from just EARRINGS
5. Fur and rubber earrings $30 from frankideas
6. Sterling silver and recycled fur earrings $65 from Sara Lagace

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