Monday, February 6, 2012

You still have time for presents)

Girls, we have more than a week for the V-day)  Here are some Etsy gift ideas:
It must be so pleasant to rink your morning coffee from this mug and add sugar with this spoon)
Mug - $9 from simplychi
Spoon - $12 from Jessica N designs

Ready to make a confession? Check out these items:

10 Things I Love About You Valentine - $14 from iloveitall
Love you pillow - $35 from Yellow Bug Boutique 
Handmade wood book  - $250 from Three Trees Bindery
I Love You, You Love Me Cufflinks - £18.00 from Jon Turner 

If you give him any of the below, he'll understand...

Mr Right Mrs Always Right Beer Koozie Set - $18 from Yellow Bug Boutique
Steampunk flask for his favorite drink - $62 from Edwardian Renaissance 
Eco Friendly Shaving Kit with Beer Shaving Soap (beer is the key word here:) - $37 from orange fuzz 
I Kiss Better than I Cook Pillow - $30 again from Yellow Bug Boutique


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