Friday, February 24, 2012

Fly a kite

Clean Monday is on 27th, and this is a tradition to fly kites on this day. If you look up, you'll see thousands of multi-colored kites in the sky. It's really fun, we even have kite-flyer competitions:)
You can also wear a kite... Kite necklaces

1. Kite and little girl necklace $62 from Offbeat Melody
2. Formica kite delicate necklace $63 from shlomitofir
3. Elctric blue black and silever kites necklace $26 from kite design

Kite earrings (it was difficult to choose only 4):

1. Vintage MATISSE and RENOIR kite earrings $60 from jelly belly jewels
2. Slver earrings $66 on sale from Kimon Jewellery, a greek site
3. Feather earrings only $9 from JUST FEATHERS
4. Rainbow kite - wire wrapped earrings $12 from My Akasha

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  1. Gorgeous necklaces!! I have a giveaway on my blog so feel free to join it:)