Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Winter is still here - Fur

Winter is not going to leave us this yer, so we need to keep warm.
Here are some etsy cute furry little thing:)
To keep your wrists warm:
1. Fur chainlink cuff, only $9 from lostcabin
2. Unique Fur Bracelet with Gemstones $16 from Elegant Swan
3. Rabbit fur and bone bead "Cavegirl Couture" Cuff Bracelet $55 from Penelopes Wrist
4. Fur Bracelet in chocolate $43 from fabaj
5. Fur cuff $35 from Metro Metal
6. Fauxy Lady$36 from nest design sllc
1. Purple Faux Fur Balls Beads Fashion Necklace N11036 $6 from mist and vapor
2. Soirée Brown Mink Fur Necklace 24,50 from sabry
3. Glass, stone and fur balls necklace $120 from Individual Expression
4. Memento Pouch Necklace $ 38 from Mclovebuddy
5. Light gray mink fur necklace  24,50 from sabry
 I'm not sure your ears will be warmer with these earrings, but you'll be definitely special:)
1. Cinema Glamour earrings $49 from avail design
2. Tuscan Sunset earrings $50, avail design
3. Princess Victoria earrings $32, avail design
4. Violet fur earrings $17 from just EARRINGS
5. Fur and rubber earrings $30 from frankideas
6. Sterling silver and recycled fur earrings $65 from Sara Lagace

Neon again

Would you wear it?
Giulia Borges Winter 2012:


Herve Leger on Shopbop
I want these dresses!!! All three!!!

Vassilios Kostetsos 2011

Friday, January 27, 2012


1. One of a Kind Neon Handpainted Vintage Rhinestone Bracelet $75 from Pure Essentia
2. Fluoro satchel £98.00 from cambridgesatchel
3. Hot Pink Platforms with Spikes and Crystals - "Bella" $189 from Nikolina Marie
4. Neon polymer clay earrings $33 from ghjrigori
5. Sunburst neon orange and pink earrings $14,5 from Yours Only By Weronika
6. Hot pink canvas bag $45 from kormargeaux
7. Funky Fluorescent Green and Black Feather Earrings $12 from Just Feathers
8. Neon Yellow Tassel and Chain Earringsv $18 from Love sexton
9. An Octopus Love Affair Ring$15 from C.A.B fayre
10. Infinity Scarf Necklace $25 from Forgotten Cotton
11. Neon heart earrings $11 from Moois Van Me
12. Neon Turquoise Frosted Stud Earrings $5 from Ayiana Jewelry
13. Baby shoes $15 from The Little Berry Patch
14. Neon Orange Wrap Bracelet With 18k Gold Dipped Hook Closure $55 from Metaluxe Jewelry
15. Neon Pink Chunky Chain Choker $40 from Eclectic Chick Closet
16. Neon Pink Rose Earrings$20 from VictoriaCampDesigns

Thursday, January 26, 2012


If you like purple it means you are witty, highly creative, eccentric and temperamental.
Purple is also associated with wealth, royalty and authority. 
If you need to calm down, to enhance your spirituality, to be more creative, then surround yourself with purple, for example, with purple flowers (lilac, lavender).
Also, if you want to create an air of luxury, mystery and magic, wear something purple:)
From left to right:
1. Bracelet, $27 from Creations By Janet USA
2. Mineral Makeup Eyeshadow -Passion Purple $3.95 for 5gr jar, Sweets body treats
3. Purple feather fascinator comb from Etsy
4. Handmade, purple, brown & gold oxford style wedge, $220 from Nor Tin handmade shoes
5. Beaded Chunky Bracelet, $14 from Eienblue designs
6. Diro Forget me not nailpolish
7. Purple Lip Gloss, $4.75 from My Beauty Addiction
8. A Purple Paris print, $25 from Jessica Illustration
9. Purple felt ballerina necklace, $21 from Coup De Coeur Jewelry 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


1. Black Dragon Pendant $ 6.2, Greek Art

2. Year of the Dragon 2012 14k GF necklace $60, bLuGrnDesign

3.  Dragon earrings $33, Stick Man Jewelry

4.  Copper Cuff with High Five Dragons $45, BBBJewelry Designs BBB Jewelry Designs 

5.  The Dragon The Lizard and The Eye necklace $38, Designs Bloom

6. Unisex Dragon Pendant necklace $38,  luckyhorn

7. Red Dragon Ring €56, Marguerite Bijoux

8.  Moon Dragon necklace $18, Pearls And Dragons





Thursday, January 12, 2012

Greek Olive wood Gifts and Sculptures - Ellenisworkshop

Let me intoduce you to a very artistic esty shop I added to my avorites today: Elleni's workshop

Eric and Philippa Kempso established the shop on beatiful island Lesvos and gave it their daughter's name Elleni...
The creations at this shop are unique -the talented authors use Greek olive wood to make:

hair combs and ornaments







 and also key chains, honey sticks, crochet hooks... You'll find lots of gifts in the shop, for any taste and pocket)